Next Gen Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter Review

Every generation brings different concerns. In one point of time, companies and pet owners are looking for pet products which are more concerned about their pet’s well being looking out mainly for their health benefits. As time progressed, concerns shifted to the environment and most pet companies have started making products that are both beneficial for the pets and the environment in which all of us are living in.

This has forced several companies to experiment with several natural products with corn as one of the more common options. That is why Next Gen Pet Products is looking to use something that has not been used as a pet product, especially as a clumping litter.

Who would have thought that Next Gen Pet Products found what they were looking for in a product commonly used as a beverage?
Next Gen Pet Products are currently using Green Tea Leaves as its main component in its cat clumping litter. Of course, it also came with another product and that incorporation would be recycled wood. The combination of green tea powder and recycled wood has been tested and has been proven to be able to suppress the growth of bacteria in the litter box which have always been the cause of the odor produced by the litter box whenever your cat takes a dump. In fact, this is true in any case.

Any kind of odor has always been caused by microorganisms clumping together in one place because of the wastes produced by your cats.

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 This was clearly set-up by Next Gen Pet Products in order to set-up the next line of cat litter products for future the future generation. Unlike commonly used choices such as corn, green tea has a natural aroma which many has liked even from before. That means, alternations in its DNA are unnecessary. This might also mean that the reduction in its production costs, making it all the more cheaper. As a result, not only is it safe for the environment and your pets, but it is also safe for your pockets.

What makes Next Gen Pet Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter all the more impressive is during its disposal, the product remain healthy to the environment and the ecosystems that might be affected with its disposal. This is all because of its biodegradable nature which Next Gen Pet Products made sure even as it was being produced. As the saying goes, what the source is its results. This means, if the source is good, only good comes from it. That may not be true all the time, but Next Gen Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter is different.

In addition, its cost effectiveness extends to its usage. It promises to last up to six weeks in your cat litter box no matter how frequent your pet cat uses it. Again, not only is the product safe for the environment and your pet, it is also safe for your pocket.

That is why if you are looking for the Next Generation product that will solve all your problems, look no further. Only trust Next Gen Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter.

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