Best Pets for Your Elderly Family Members

Pets can contribute greatly to the quality of life of any member of the family including the elderly. While a rambunctious Labrador retriever might not be the best choice for an elderly family member, there are a number of dog breeds that would be suitable. There are also several other pets that elderly family members would greatly enjoy.


Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States. They are loyal, loving and fun to be around. Some breeds of dogs are especially suited to senior citizens. One of the dog breeds that would be good for seniors is a pug. Pugs are small dogs, but they are not tiny and fragile. Pugs weigh about 15 pounds and come in all black and fawn with a black mask. They have happy personalities but are not overly active. While they enjoy play and a short walk, their exercise needs are easily met. Pugs love to receive treats and a great deal of attention.

Another dog breed that would work well for the elderly is the toy fox terrier. These dogs love to play. Many of them are used as hearing assistance dogs. Toy fox terriers like short walks, and some make good lap dogs.


Cats are members of many households with elderly members. Cats do not require outdoor exercise, and most cats are content to be near a person and be petted throughout the day. Some breeds of cat are more active than others, but most cats would make great pets for the elderly.

One breed that is especially suited for senior citizens is the British shorthair. This is a rather large cat, but they are well-known for their laid back manners. They are not as vocal as some cat breeds like the Siamese. Most British shorthairs have a blue-gray coat with gorgeous orange colored eyes.


The keeping of tropical fish can be a very time consuming endeavor. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining a saltwater aquarium. Senior citizens could easily care for the average freshwater aquariums that are by far the most popular with amateur tropical fish lovers.

Some of the elderly members of the household may enjoy a small bowl of goldfish. The betta is a very colorful fish that only requires a very small bowl to be content. These are also known as Siamese fighting fish. Some of the people who enjoy bettas keep several of these in small bowls around the house. Male bettas will fight to the death, so they must be kept in their own individual containers.


Many seniors love to keep small birds. They are easy to care for and very energetic. Finches are easy to breed, and the raising of these birds makes an enjoyable hobby. Larger birds such as lovebirds, parakeets and cockatiels are also good pets for the elderly due to the easy of keeping them.

Having a pet to care for helps make the life of an elderly person more enjoyable. There are many choices that are just right for seniors.

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